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The Gift of Gratitude

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I know many of us feel overwhelmed from day to day, trying to meet people's needs, work to make a living, and still have time to live life the way we want to. You may think the last thing you have time to do is look for ways to be grateful. It doesn't have to be that way. Gratitude like love is a choice and is best when practiced in everyday living. The key is to start small, letting it evolve on its own.

For example, as I rise in the mornings while still laying in bed, lights off with my mind still clear, I just breathe into the darkness allowing my senses to come online. At that moment I’m grateful to see another day and for the peace, it brings knowing the rest of my day may not afford me such stillness. The more one can become aware of their surroundings, noticing what is happening in it, one can access their needs and the gift of the moment. Going back to my example, for the busy parent or businessperson what I’ve described is a gift as the rest of the day there will be so many demands on their time and energy.

Gratitude offers us gifts to assist how we manage what we face in life. It is not merely appropriate or most valued when we are feeling happy, but beneficial to fostering a sense of being grounded when we are faced with stress or great trials. Gratitude literally is good for our health, releasing the healthy hormones that counteract the tensing we feel when stressed. Practicing gratitude in such times avails the capacity to think clearly without shutting down, being debilitated by anxiety, or the like. To practice gratitude is to observe mindfully moment by moment.

In summary, when you regularly and sincerely express gratitude, you generate a positive cycle in your life. Expressing gratitude makes you feel better and more empowered, which, in turn, makes it easier to find the things in your life to feel grateful for.

May Your Hope Be Full,


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