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Online/Video Therapy

Studies have shown online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. In the current climate of our world, telehealth has answered the call of practitioners and clients alike, in making mental health services available during this global pandemic. Online therapy was already being used by those who found it difficult to come into the office for individual therapy due to work schedule, traffic, lack of childcare to name a few. Yes, the help needed is now available in the comfort of one's home. Using Simple Practice, a HIPAA compliant "software" we are able to offer therapy via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The only thing missing is the quiet space of your choosing.

Cloud with Silver Lining

Christian Counseling & Spiritual Guidance

For those who desire to apply their faith in the journey to wellness, I am an ordained minister who is comfortable incorporating faith and biblical principles. 

Spiritual guidance, while not therapy, emphasizes support and encouragement. Using spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Lectio Divina, silence, listening, journaling, and the like, individuals are ushered into a deep reflection on life's experiences. For more information please email me.

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