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Many experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic memories. Whether the onset is due to a natural disaster, intimate partner violence, medical injury, illness, community violence, neglect, or another traumatic event; our bodies remember. It is easy to find ourselves feeling anxious, fearful, hopeless, or stuck after such experiences. Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and, or  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques, traumatic memory can be processed through the body. Since our bodies remember and store these events much better than our memories, these evidence-based practices have proven best to relieve the dis-ease caused by such events. I welcome the opportunity to journey with you toward healing.

Body-based therapies usually require little to no words, which cuts down the possibility of being retraumatized. Body-based therapies focus on processing emotions, memories, and energy stored within the body.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions we come to experience at some point in our lives. When we find these emotions lasting longer than a few days, weeks or becoming stronger, it is a sign there is a problem. Through therapy, one is able to recover lost motivation, gain clearer perspective, and experience fuller hope.

Life's Transitions

Studies have proven that a life transition or event whether negative or positive can cause a stressful response. When stress is activated whether one experiences distress or eustress it can be taxing on the body and manifest similar symptoms like nausea, body pain, anxiety, irritabilty, etc. These symptoms are alerts that the body is not balanced and something must be done to help us back to our center.

Spiritual Trauma

The majority of the world is religious or observes a spiritual practice. In the wake world events, personal hurts and violations it is not uncommon to ponder the question of one's purpose.  While trangressions may or may not occur in faith settings; they can lead to one questioning God, Creator, Higher Power in relation to those events seeking to understand what has happened, heal and move forward.

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