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The HopeFull  Box provides tools to nourish, replenish, and promote a sense of wellness and serenity.  Enjoy home-based spa showers with the 5 eucalyptus/spearmint shower steamers. Sip your favorite beverage with the ceramic mug and spoon set adorned with an inspiring affirmation from, "From Stressed to Focused - A the Prompted journal. Ease tension with the "Hope" soothing stone and rest tired eyes with our weighted organic lavender and flaxseed herbal eye pillow. Grab your box of "AHHHH---" today. 

HopeFull Box

  • How to use: Unwrap and remove foil, place steamer at bottom of shower out of direct stream of water. Let the water activate the shower steamer. The steam will carry the essential oil aroma throughout your shower. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON YOUR BODY Shower steamers last about 10 mins. 

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