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From Stressed to Focused - A Prompted Journal

Hard bound | 191 pages


Over six months, this prompted journal fosters introspection, opportunity to reach back to the past for resources to promote healing, renewal and re-visioning choices right now. Each of the four prompts is followed by an inspirational message and questions to help you settle into your reflective writing process. 


This prompted journal will help you:

  • Reflect - Each prompt invites purposeful reflection. By slowing down our thoughts, we slow down actions. This assists in us moving past our emotionality to determine what we need to move ahead.
  • Release - We are the sum of our experiences, that cannot change. However, we can become stuck in the pain. This journal promotes opportunity for users to release themselves from this debilitating cycle.
  • Practice gratitude - The power statements at the end of each entry are a way to celebrate, embrace and savor “silver moments” daily, no matter how small. 

From Stressed to Focused - A Prompted Journal

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