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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Recently while weeding it got me thinking about how things can so easily grab hold and take root. Weeding is one of the most difficult processes in gardening, especially for a newbie like me. I’m sure more experienced gardeners have tricks of the trade to decrease the frequency and intensity in which weeds grow. I suppose it comes down to awareness of what to look out for. This awareness allows one to mindfully access what is happening and activate action accordingly. When dealing with our mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical health, it is vitally important that we access the people, places and things we have around us; those practices we are so familiar with to see if they promote growth or stagnate it.

The interesting thing about weeds is they all are not terrible to look at. Some sprout beautiful flowers but what is common about the character of weeds is they reduce productivity, invade and smother crops. They aggressively compete for vital nutrients like water, minerals and sunlight, affecting both the quality and quantity of what is being grown. Weeds once rooted are extremely difficult to uproot. We all have or have had weeds that stunted our growth whether old scripts imparted by someone along our journey, relationships that are dysfunctional or those self imposed by decisions made where we are dealing with the consequences. If one is to reclaim oneself and move in the fullness of one’s potential it begins with awareness. In being aware we can focus attention on our triggers (whether people, places or things) and can evaluate our choices.

It is not uncommon for me to ask, “what do you need or did you need at that moment?” when processing a particular situation that is causing dis-ease to a client. This seemingly simple question has proven to be where the shift begins to happen. This question invites awareness. It invites one to consider not only what they are experiencing in the moment but also what is needed in real time to change the dynamic. When you think of the word awareness, what comes up for you? How can becoming aware improve how you are experiencing a situation? Ask yourself, "what do I need at this moment? "

For further reflection:

Matthew 13:1-9

Pain will subside only when we acknowledge and care for it.” Brene Brown

May Your Hope Be Full,


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