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Springing Forward

We have reached the time of year, where we lose an hour within our day, as we spring forward to capture more sunlight. This time of the year ushers in warmer weather, budding flowers, for gardeners signifies a time to plant and the official beginning of Spring. It starts the cycle of clearing out one’s closet removing heavier items making room for items that are light, airy, breathable. March also closes out the first quarter of the year. So, the question posed is what is needed to close out this season, in preparation for the next? Springing forward is not merely a change of the clock, evidence of this can be found in the grogginess we often feel days after the time has changed. Yes, there is a physical and dare I say psychological shift that occurs as we adapt to function in the “new normal.” For myself, this has meant once again reviewing my closets, business commitments, and objectives to refine and determine what needs to be closed out. This assessment involves a close review of not only what to wear but more importantly examining my “why” regardless of it is clothing or business-related. The purpose is to get rid of what no longer serves me, determine what needs to be gifted forward or outsourced, and identify what is still working for my overall growth. Such an overhaul can easily become overwhelming, yet the key to it all is to be patient with both yourself and the process. You are encouraged to work in grace, not perfection.

“If you are clear about what you want, the world responds with clarity.” – Loretta Staples

Action Step: To eliminate what John Maxwell calls the “Inspiration Gap” – the point where you don’t feel like doing anything, you are encouraged to write a plan to bridge the gap. Remember to celebrate your acts of triumph, no matter how small they may seem.

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